The top 10 kite festivals in Canada, kite events enjoyed by millions of people, happen throughout the year from coast to coast across all provinces of Canada.

Ranging from kite events on a frozen lake to full blown summer kite flying occasions on the beach, the top kite festivals in Canada offer everything from kite demonstrations and kite decorating to kit flying lessons and lots of old-fashioned fun.

Kite Day in Okotoks mid April Okotoks, Alberta (AB)

A popular day of family fun for over four years highlighted with kite flying, the Kite Day in Okotoks attracts those wanting to enter their home-made kites in the Kite Flying Competition, or even just bring their own kites or flying remote control toys down to participate in the fun up in the air. Those taking part can learn to build their own kites at the free OAG kite making workshop and compete in the competitions highlighting different categories and age groups that are judged by members of Council.

For more information about the Kite Festival in Okotoks visit:

Strawberry Fields Kite Festival late May St Thomas, Ontario, (ON)

A popular event for over 22 years, the Strawberry Fields Kite Festival has now grown to become a two-day event attracting kite fliers and kite watchers from all over North America to enjoy the activities presented on what is considered to be the largest (and best) kite flying field in southwestern Ontario. Contests and rewards include the Queen of Hearts Award for the kite flyer whose kite steals the hearts of the most people, the Strawberry Tart Award that is given to the sexiest object on the flying field, be it windsock, buggy, or kite flyer, the Furthur Award for the kite flier who has travelled "further" than anyone else attending this event, and the Flying Circus Award for admirably creative kite makers under the age of 12.

Pacific Rim Kite Festival early June Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)

For almost forty years, sponsored by the British Columbia Kiteflyers Association, the British Columbia Kiteflyers Association has presented its increasingly popular Pacific Rim Kite Festival at Vanier Park in Vancouver showcasing workshops, and some especially for children, in making kites, kite displays and demonstrations, and kite making workshops. Other popular events include, kite displays and demonstrations as well as a wide range of music and refreshments, and even candy.

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Dumfries Kitefest early June Cambridge, Ontario (ON)

Held in Dumfries Park for 17 years, the two-day Dumfries Kitefest features everything to do with kites, from kite flying demonstrations to kite making workshops for children that could earn them a prize for the best looking creation. More features of the festival include the creations and skills of more than 40 expert kite creators from across the USA, as well as windmills and special events such as the candy drop and even parachuting teddy bears.

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Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent Kite Festival mid June Saguenay Region, Québec (QC)

An attraction appealing to the whole family, the international Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent Kite Festival, the biggest of its kind in Quebec, showcases professional kiters and guests from around the world and offers a wide selection of aviation-related activities, including an introduction to kiting, on-site entertainment, evening shows, and a variety of local artists and exhibitors.

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Windscape Kite Festival late June Swift Current, Saskatchewan (SK)

A popular event for over ten years, attracting international, celebrity kite performers to this unique setting in the prairies, the world-class Windscape Kite Festival attracts kite flyers and kite enthusiasts from all over the world for a weekend of kites and family fun as original handmade art kites, giant creature kites, kites trains, battling fighter kites, stunt kites and kite buggies fill the air over the prairie field. The fun begins on day one with a music festival and the successive events make the Windscape Kite Festival one of the most popular kite events in Canada.

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Parksville Lion's International Kite Festival mid July Parksville Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC)

This annual, 2-day kite event on Vancouver island in July, complete with kite demonstrations and lessons on building kites for beginners, lavish and colorful banner displays, as well as a Teddy bear drop each day, has been a popular event for more than 8 years and features at least 7 hours of flying time each day as well as everything from an international sand sculptures event, crafters and many concessions.

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Canal Days Kite Festival early August Lakeview Park, Port Colborne, Ontario (ON)

An international kite festival attracting more than a hundred serious kite fliers from all over North America, the Canal Days Kite Festival is one of Canada’s best known festivals and has been for almost two decades. Highlighting different topics with kites the size of trucks, attractions include ground displays, single line, dual line or quad line kites, as well as the ever popular night flights complete with lights and music and even a barbecue.

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The Dieppe Kite International mid August Dieppe, New Brunswick (NB)

Recognized as one of the largest and most renowned festivals of its kind in North America, the Dieppe Kite International attracts the world's best kite fliers with their kites of various shapes and sizes including many very creative creations as well as demonstrations of extreme acrobatic kite flying and Rokkaku combats. This event now also features a wide range of community and cultural activities.

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Kites over Callingwood late August Edmonton, Alberta (AB)

A popular attraction for more than 2 decades, the annual Kites over Callingwood event helps those of all ages wanting to take part with decorating flags and then learning how to fly them. Alternatives for those taking part are to bring their own favorite kites or to purchase one on site. Even windsocks are available for purchase. Other fun can be had with live music, DJ music, juggling performances and even face painting.

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Windfest early October Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Ontario (ON)

Toronto’s largest kite festival features everything from skilled kite fliers to children learning to fly their first kites they can learn how to make at workshops. Still more facets of Windfest are the expert demonstrations, kite sales on the beach, workshops on clean energy and wind power,and even a kite hospital for damaged kites, as well as kite sales on the beach and much more.

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Updated: July 2015

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