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Strawberry Fields Kite Festival

2021 our 30th Year

We still have Covid-19 with us, unfortunately, but we may be able to have some fun in 2021!

Until we hear otherwise, we are planning for our big 30th Anniversary Festival.

We are asking people who are interested in coming to the festival to get a ticket (still FREE), which will enable us to get data around who is interested. This will enable us to better plan several parts of the festival, including how many food trucks to invite.

Get your (free) tickets here

The Kites:

There are various ways to get a kite. 


We are making available a pattern for our kites on our website, so that these kites can be made at home.  They are simple kites, but if you got one last year or in previous years, you will know how easy they are to make and to fly. Go to our Kites Page to get the patterns.

We will have kites available at the festival for a small donation. 

We are also thinking of making the kites available to buy online. Let us know if you like this option. 

There will be more information as the date gets closer.

Anne, Rick and Joan


About The Founders

Eric Curtis and Anne Sloboda

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